What equipment do i need to access Si Radio Premium ?

To connect to Si Radio Premium, you must have a computer (laptop, mobile phone or tablet) with an internet connection that you must also connect to the sound system of your music equipment.
Playback only through the Premium Web Player to which you only have access with the information you have registered.
For better audio performance, we recommend at least a simple Laptop and to avoid streaming interruptions (during a high load period of the network by your customers) to avoid wifi and prefer an Ethernet cable connection.

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Since i am a subscriber of Si Premium, how many plases can i connect to the same account?

When you start your Si Radio Premium subscription you are entitled to access only to a unique computer, so you should be very careful in your use and do not forget to log out every time and always before closing the browser ( mozilla, chrome, edge…)
For the need to use at more than one point at a time, contact us to consider alternatives

Are Si Radio Premium subscribers allowed to interfere with song lists or do all subscribers have access to the same airplay?

Si Radio Premium is not a simple choice of a specific playlist but a specialized service with the design of the choices of each channel by the DJs and service associates so that you do not have to deal at all with the musical investment of your business. So there is no possibility of your intervention in the airplay, however we remind you that you can choose between eight different channels depending on the time available and the audience of your store.

Does the subscription to Vanilla Premium exempt me from paying money to copyright management companies?

No company is exempt from the obligation to pay public music rights ,regardless of whether it broadcasts music from radio or webradio or other methods, cf. subscription services.
As specifically mentioned in the Terms of Use of the Si Premium service, every user who uses the Si Premium channels in his business, in order to be completely legal in the use of music and with his own exclusive responsibility must assign copyrights to public music to the competent bodies of the country where is located.

Do Si Radio Premium and Si Radio have the same songs at the same time?

At Si Premium there are common channels with Si Radio Free (Deep, Smooth, Fresh) that broadcast the same style of music but each service has its own flow and does not play the same track at the same time.
Si Premium has music options designed specifically for business and of course it has 5 more channels that do not exist in Si Radio Free.

Do i need to have a paypal account to start my Si Radio Premium subscription?

A Paypal account is not necessary as Paypal supports the purchase of products without necessarily having an account. However, you must have a card (visa, mastercard or other).

Is there a trial period at Vanilla Premium?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available, however we recommend an initial monthly subscription in order to get a complete picture of our service in a satisfactory period and then the possibility of extending your subscription for as long as you wish.