Our passion for music was the reason we created SiRadio.Al, an online radio built by a group of DJ’s & Producers with years of experience in different countries around the world, that allows you to create the perfect environment for your business.

SiRadio P R E M I U M which is coming soon, is the next level of our music services

At a very minimal cost and with just one click on your computer, without special knowledge on your part, SI Premium allows you to enjoy the musical choices of our DJ’s without interruption for announcements or advertisement for your business.

Background music for Cafe, Bar & Restaurant

The right music is very important to a business because many times sound works subconsciously and helps to create the appropriate mood for the customer as well as the right atmosphere in your space…
After many years of involvement in the music arena we have managed to create a base of multiple musical themes which are well known and enjoyed
through our signature Si Radio

Music with perfectly processed sound and radio flow

We believe that with this choice you ensure a great advantage over the competition and offer your business a unique musical identity, which is as important as the decoration of your space, and of course you create an environment even more pleasant for you, the employees but especially your customers.